Haircuts and wigs

High quality service for men, women and children


We help you choose the haircut that will reflect your personality while still harmonising with the shape of your face. We are always familiar with the latest trends in terms of hairstyles and invite you to trust us to manage this difficult task of changing your hairstyle.

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In partnership with a Parisian firm, NJ Créations Paris, we are offering a system of brilliant wigs for all budgets.

The wigs feature a patented system. The small wires inside are for adjusting the size, making it fit correctly and ensuring that the wig fits snugly around the head.

In addition, the wigs are provided with small suction pads that stay perfectly in place if you were to perspire.

Our customers are permitted to try on wigs in the salon behind a screen or alternatively, it is possible for Jean-Emmanuel to come to your home.

We have a catalogue on hand for our valued customers containing wigs of all styles and colours.

Once different wigs have been selected, orders will be available at thfor tying on at the salon in less than 48 hours for trying on. If the wigs chosen are not suitable, we can send them back and order new ones.

The wigs are available in acrylic (entry-level price CHF 500) and in natural hair (around CHF 1095 for a top quality price).

When buying a wig, Salon Jean-Emmanuel offers you a cotton beanie hat to wear at night and a scarf. We also offer to do the first few shampoos and show you how to care for your wig.