Colour and highlights

Change your haircut and choose a warmer colour!

We are offering our male and female clients customised colours. Our colours respect your hair and make it possible to obtain a natural effect for both men and women.

 Revlon ammonia-free 'Young Color' range

This ammonia-free colour range gives 70% coverage of white hair. It can darken or generate highlights as it does not use oxidation.

Orofluido colour range

This ammonia-free colour range is based on argan, cypress and linseed oils and gives 70% coverage of white hair. The entire brand range  (shampoo, conditioner, dry oil) is based on the same ingredients.

Revlonissimo colour range

This oxydation colour range gives 100% coverage of white hair. Like an anti-wrinkle product for the hair, this solution is ideal for fine hair, so as to give it more hold.

EOS herbal colour range

This herbal colour range by WELLA is aimed at people who are allergic to traditional colour compositions.

'Precision Blend' colour range exclusively for men

Precision Blend is a colour range for men. This glossy product is used to touch up roots, reinventing hair colour from light blond to black, and for disguising white hair without covering it completely, so as to offer the customer a more natural result.

Fancy a colour? See life in highlights

  • Balayage (hair painting)
  • Foil highlights
  • Paintbox highlights
  • Tie-dye